Product design & development.

Steven Burgess is a product designer delivering user-centric and brand-building product solutions to a variety of clients, from established global brands to emerging start-ups. A solid understanding of technical development for manufacture, the aesthetic value of detailing, and the power of styling, allow creative involvement in all aspects of the product to focus the direction of the brand.

Designing through a fearless approach to making things better and believing that the sky is the limit.

In 2008, Steven Burgess began his design career with an internship at UK consultancy, Dekode Ltd (now absorbed by Great Fridays). Since then he has worked with leading studios across London and Sydney, taking pride in delivering user-focused and brand-building design solutions to a variety of worldwide clients, from emerging start-ups to established global brands such as Ferrari, Qantas and One Education (One Laptop Per Child in Australia).

Steven Burgess’s career to date indicates how an unshakeable curiosity and a passion for product design drives him to continually seek new challenges. A sense of pride in his work has created the determination to develop a wide range of advanced skills, and a firm appreciation for form coupled with the power of styling has meant that the work has appealed to brands all around the world.

Working as a self-employed Designer has meant that he is always looking for new, exciting and innovative projects with a desire to explore brand-building product design and engaging user experiences. Learning from leading designers and alongside top studios has made for an incredible journey. Enabling him to enhance his own design approach and interpretations of form and styling.