Freelance Product Designer Sydney

Steven Burgess began his design career with an internship at UK consultancy, Dekode Ltd (now absorbed by Great Fridays). In 2010, he graduated in Product Design & Manufacture from The University of Nottingham. Since then he has been delivering bold and unique product solutions to a variety of freelance clients, from established global brands to emerging start-ups.

A solid understanding of form, the aesthetic value of detailing, and the power of styling, allow creative involvement in all aspects of the product to focus the direction of the brand. Manufacturing knowledge, obtained through a Masters of Engineering Degree, reinforces the creative process by enabling realistic and feasible solutions to the project budget and timescale.

Steven Burgess’s career to date indicates how an intrinsic motivation for design drives him to continually seek new challenges. A sense of pride in his work has created the determination to develop a wide range of advanced skills, and a firm appreciation for form coupled with the power of styling has meant that the work has appealed to brands around the world.

Whilst working at London based design consultancy,Centreline, all aspects of  product development from conception through to manufacture were engaged with. Projects ranged from brand-building product design and project management for independent entrepreneurs, through to concept generation and visualisation for large global brands including Ferrari, Logic3 and The New York Bakery Co.

Now set up as a freelance product designer Sydney, and always looking for new, exciting and innovative projects with a desire to explore brand-building products and engaging user experiences. During this time, a wide range of freelance clients and projects won, predominantly working alongside emerging designer David Caon and his International client base including companies such as Qantas and Colonial First State. Caon spent his formative years working alongside the likes of George Sowden, Jerszy Seymour and Marc Newson so he had a wealth of design knowledge and experience to impart.


Freelance Product Designer Sydney | Steven Burgess

Freelance Product Designer Sydney | Steven Burgess