Codlo concept by Steven Burgess | Product Design

Agency : Centreline
Designers : Steven Burgess & Jonathon Mason

Developing a new product for Grace Lee's project, Codlo. The product design transforms your rice or slow cooker into a sous-vide machine; creating easy, healthy gourmet cooking at home. It comes with commercial-quality precision and smart capabilities to help along the process. Her goal, along with business partner Xi-Yen Tan, is to make sous-vide cooking easy and accessible.

"Codlo is elegant, beautiful and intelligently designed."

Terry Wong, The Food Canon

The technique is currently limited to top chefs, but they wanted to share the brilliant simplicity of this cooking technique with home cooks.  Existing consumer sous-vide appliances are too expensive , bulky, or complicated to use so they decided to build their own to address those issues.

Codlo concept by Steven Burgess | Product Design

Industrial Design Phase


Codlo concept by Steven Burgess | Product Design
Codlo | Product Design

Media Coverage

"..not just a gadget, but a design piece to show off in the kitchen." Foodista

"you won't mind having it sit out in your kitchen‘" Cnet

"Who knows -- it might make a Giada De Laurentiis out of a mediocre cook, or at least spare you the pain of having to eat another overcooked steak" Engadget

Developing a new product

The product development stage was undertaken at Centreline in London and led by product design engineer, Jonathan Mason. They successfully engineered Codlo so that it accurately regulates the water temperature in your cooker to ensure perfect cooking everytime. Focus was on building a better temperature control system that works with any simple cooker. Not only this, but Codlo learns as it cooks: automatically calibrating and updating PID parameters in the same cooking cycle, on-the-go. Thus Codlo can be used in a variety of situations.


During the process of developing a new product, the team at Centreline managed to maintain the original aesthetic of the chosen design concept, although there were a few minor changes to the form of the product rear in order to accommodate the required internal components. After many months of hard work, Grace and Xi have launched Codlo on Kickstarter and were very successful in their campaign. Codlo is set for production in 2014.

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